Participation in the second MUZZA science week – Smart future

From May 19th to 21st, we participated in the II. MUZZA science week – Smart future, which was held at the Zagreb Fair. Science Week brought together numerous scientific institutions, associations and non-profit organizations with the aim of bringing science and technology closer to children and young people in an interactive and interesting way.

We demonstrated to our interested visitors how faults form and the types of faults in nature, ground movements occurring during and after earthquakes, and the phenomena related to earthquakes as well as their visible effects on the surface.

A small model of Arduino sensor plate was placed on our city model, with the purpose of depicting the types of motions that are caused by the earthquakes while shaking the model. We allowed visitors to shake the table and observe how the earthquakes were recorded by the Etna2 accelerograph.

We would like to thank the MUZZA association for the invitation to participate in the Science Week and all visitors for their interest.