Field measurements of microseismic noise in the Baranja region

From May 8th to 10th 2023, associates of the CROSSNET project, along with the project manager Tomislav Fiket, were carrying out field measurements of ambient microseismic noise in the Baranja region in order to determine locations for the placement of future seismological stations.

Prior to the field measurements, a spatial analysis was performed using ArcGIS Pro. Criteria used to assemble the final map of suitable locations of seismological stations include natural and anthropogenic noise sources (such as roads, railways, industrial objects, and surface water), geological and geomorphological criteria (such as terrain slope).

Field measurements were carried out by three teams on the slopes of Bansko brdo consisting of a total of 10 locations, using the MBB-2 seismometer supported by Quanterra Q8 data digitizer. All measurements were carried out identically: the seismometers were placed in shallow holes approximately 50 cm deep, additionally filled with fine sand. Each point of acquisition took about two hours to complete, and the data recorded will be used to create more accurate maps of expected ambiental noise for the purpose of planning and placing future, permanent seismological stations.

We express our gratitude towards Belje plus d.o.o. on the ceded plots on which the ambiental seismic noise was measured, and in particular to Mr. Ladislav Odri for providing transportation, assistance and many helpful suggestions.