Installation of a new accelerograph at the Puntijarka seismological station

On Tuesday, April 18, 2023. project associates Antonio Brcković, Vedran Damjanović and Marko Pervan, together with project manager Tomislav Fiket, installed a new accelerograph as part of the maintenance and improvement of the existing stations.

At Puntijarka station, the Etna 2 accelerograph, manufactured by Kinemetrics Inc., a device used to record strong nearby earthquakes, was installed. This Etna 2 is the first of a hundred that are going to be installed throughout the Republic of Croatia as part of the CROSSNET project. The installation of new seismological equipment at the location of Puntijarka will improve the monitoring of seismic activity in the area and contribute to a better understanding of seismic processes and the management of seismic risks.