Installation of mobile stations on the island of Krk

On the morning of February 16th at 09:47 UTC, a strong earthquake occurred near Baška on the island of Krk with an estimated intensity of VI °EMS (European Macroseismic Scale) in the epicentre, which was felt in the broader area of Kvarner, Istria and the hinterland of Rijeka, as well as in the surrounding countries. The local magnitude was 4.8, and its hypocenter was shallow, between 8 and 10 km deep. It was followed by a series of weaker earthquakes, the strongest of which had a local magnitude of 2.7 and occurred at 09:53 UTC. (Source: Earthquake reports).

From Thursday, February 16th to Saturday, February 18th, employees of the Croatian Seismology Survey and project associates on the CROSSNET project set up 13 mobile stations that will record aftershocks on the island of Krk and its surrounding area. In the next few weeks or even months, increased seismic activity can be expected in the vicinity of the main earthquake epicentre, and the installed mobile network will enable the monitoring of seismic activity.

A total of seven ETNA 2 accelerographs are installed at 13 mobile stations, which are used to record strong nearby earthquakes, 10 miniature broadband seismometers MBB-2 and 10 Quanterra Q8, which are used to collect data from seismological sensors.

In the afternoon of February 20th at 17:04:29.2 UTC, an earthquake occurred on the border of Turkey and Syria with an estimated intensity of VIII in the epicentre, the local magnitude was 6.3. The images below show the seismogram of the earthquake on the newly installed stations in Baška and Vrbnik on the island of Krk.