Omnisensor, MBB-2 and mobile equipment education

From February 6th to 10th 2023, engineers Stepa Petrović Čačić and Stevan Plasonja, from Kinemetrics, Inc. held an education for Croatian Seismological Survey employees on devices which were delivered as part of the third equipment contingent.

Omnisensor is a combination of the accelerometer (model Episensor) and seismometer (model MBB-2) together in one package ready for direct deployment as a conventional sensor or downhole sensor. MBB-2 is a three-axis broadband seismometer of small dimensions which is designed to be directly connected to the Quanterra Q8 digitizer and is also part of the mobile equipment.

On Friday, February 10, 2023, in the vicinity of the Geophysical Department of the Faculty of Science, a field exercise was held to measure seismic noise with mobile equipment that will be used in choosing suitable locations for setting up seismological stations. Mobile equipment consist of a Quanterra Q8 digitizer that is connected to an MBB-2 seismometer, a GPS antenna and a 48 Ah battery.

We thank engineers Petrović Čačić and Plasonja for useful lectures and demonstration exercises, and we look forward to future cooperation.