Education on Quanterra Q8 and STS-2.5 devices

From December 12th to December 14th, 2022. engineers Stepa Petrović Čačić and Stevan Plasonja, from Kinemetrics, Inc. held an education for Croatian Seismological Survey employees on digitizers and seismometers, which were delivered as part of the first equipment contingent. The training included understanding the principles of operation of these devices, their capabilities and limitations, and how they are used to collect and process seismic data.

The Qantix Quanterra Q8 digitizer is the newest member of the Quanterra Qantix family of very high-resolution data acquisition systems with low power consumption. It digitizes data obtained from accelerometers and seismometers and represents the most advanced data collection system for seismological sensors. As part of the CROSSNET project, a total of 140 such digitizers were acquired.



The STS-2.5 seismometer is a broadband seismometer designed for the most prospective seismological stations. It is an extremely sensitive instrument and is able to record even the Earth’s free oscillations. In order to make the most of its capabilities, it requires special installation conditions in locations with minimal ambient noise. As part of the CROSSNET project, 20 such devices were purchased.



We appreciate the engineers Petrović and Plasonja’s informative lectures and look forward to future collaboration.