Delivery of the first parcel of equipment

On Thursday, December 1, 2022, the first parcel of equipment to be installed as part of the CROSSNET project was delivered.

The parcel consists of 100 Etna 2 accelerographs, 120 Quanterra Q8 digitizers, 20 STS-2.5 broadband seismometers, 220 GPS antennas, 100 protective boxes (backup power supply and surge protection), cables and other accessories. The equipment was delivered on 18 pallets, with a total weight of about 3 tons.

Along with project manager, Tomislav Fiket and project associates, the reception of this very important and valuable equipment was attended by the state secretary, Mrs. Sanja Bošnjak and Hrvoje Meštrić, PhD, Director of the Administration for Science and Technology.

The procurement of the delivered equipment was fully financed through the National Recovery and Resilience Plan from the European Union.